In the same working environment, why does the variable pitch wind turbine generate 30% more electricity than the traditional wind turbine?

As the traditional wind turbine has the problems of high wind speed start-up, sluggish control, and meanwhile it exists security risk and reduces the use efficiency of wind power. The variable pitch wind turbine has low wind speed start-up, gale-control and other advantages which improve the wind turbine’s safety and wind power use efficiency.

(1) The wind turbine apples double –grade pitch control; In low wind speed range, it has good startup and speedup function, 2m/s wind speed startup; Below rated wind speed range, it tracks wind speed and rotational speed to adjust the blade angle at optimum TSR automatically, run in high efficiency; Above rated wind speed, adjust the blade angle to minus value automatically to make the wind rotor work at rated rotational speed and keep the rated output power steady. 

(2) Large working wind speed range: working wind speed 0-30m/s (almost covers common wind speed on land). Don’t need brake.

(3) The blade shape is chosen by wind tunnel test according to aerodynamics; the blade is made strictly according to craft and structure of airscrew to make sure high efficiency of wind power.

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