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  • Micro grid system

    Micro grid is a new type power supply network, it includes wind system, solar system, load, battery group (or other energy storage system), and controlling system (diesel generator as back up). Micro grid is an autonomous system, the system can control, protect and manage itself. Learn More
  • Off-grid system

    small Wind turbine generates electricity, the electricity is charged into the battery group by the charging controller, and then through inverter, the system supply AC power for loads.this can be use in the place such as home , island, small village, small power station, rural domestic, small holdings, agricultural, commercial... Learn More
  • Telecom system

    Telecom station power supply system Small wind turbines are the perfect solution for the telecommunication sector. Renergywind turbines with low service and maintenance requirements make the installation in remote and hard to service locations more attractive. Learn More
  • On-grid system

    On grid system (or grid connection system) In many places  small wind turbine produces energy for personal use and the surplus is sold to the Grid. In other cases, all the electricity flows into the Grid and nothing is accumulated. In these cases it is not necessary to use batteries. Learn More
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