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Micro grid system


Micro grid system

Micro grid system is now more and more popular for stable power supply purpose, the system can be used for isolated project or grid connection purpose.

Micro grid is a new type power supply network, it includes wind system, solar system, load, battery group (or other energy storage system), and controlling system (diesel generator as back up). Micro grid is an autonomous system, the system can control, protect and manage itself. It can run together with external electricity grid or run isolated.

Micro grid is a concept relative to traditional electricity grid, it is a network formed by several distributed power supply system and relative loads, following certain topology structure. Development of Micro grid will promote the large scale connection of distributed power supply system and renewable energy system. It can realize high reliability and multiple type of energy power supply for loads. Micro grid is the pioneer of smart grid.

Now, RENERGY is able to provide you micro grid system from 10kw up to 250kw.

Working principle:

Wind system, solar system, diesel generator and battery groups are connected in through on grid system and bi-direction inverter system. It’s a kind of smart green and intelligent grid. Micro grid system can provide high quality electricity for loads, and can operate independently even without electricity grid.

1. In normal situation, diesel generator is not start, controlling system and bi-direction inverter will maintain backbone grid; wind system, solar system, battery system and loads are connected to backbone grid.

2. When wind or sunshine are in good condition, wind system and solar system will provide power supply for loads, meanwhile, extra energy will be charged into battery system through bi-direction inverter.

3. When wind system and solar system can not provide sufficient power supply for loads, bi-direction inverter will provide power supply from battery system for loads. 

System configuration 

Design according to detailed requirements.

System advantage 

1. Advanced technology, provide micro grid system solution

2. Advanced system combine technology, system capacity can extend freely.

3. Support multiple energy connect in, wind ,solar, diesel and battery system.

4. High reliability

5. Easy operation

6. Remote monitoring

Application area

Community, factory, island.

Application case study Micro grid system case study.

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